About Us

eSmart Group was founded in 2006 and is consisting of eSmart Recruitment cc and eSmart Nhlangano (Pty) Ltd, each focusing on different segments of IT Industry.

eSmart Recruitment focuses on IT Recruitment

eSmart Nhlangano area of expertise is IT Consulting and supply of short term IT skills i.e. fixed term Contractors. In addition eSmart Nhlangano also provides resources for Agri and Pharmaceutical businesses in South Africa.

Since our inception we focused on building relationships with our customers and ensuring that we provide them with various resourcing solutions, always guided with eSmart Business Scenario:

e – Engaging – Engagement with customer building long term partnerships which includes understanding the strategy, environment, technology, culture and competitive environment of the industry.
S – Specific – Defines what needs to be done in the business
m – Measurable – Defines clear metrics for success
a – Actionable – It clearly segments the problem and provides the basis for determining elements and plans for the solution
r – Realistic – The problem can be solved within the bounds of physical reality, time and cost constraints
t – Time Bound – There is a clear understanding of when the solution opportunity expires.

We have a strong track record of delivery of the services to various mostly blue chip corporates in South Africa and we are looking forward to being of continued service to various South African companies and helping them build better future for all.